Got it Memorized?
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It's Axel. A-X-E-L... Got it memorized?

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After giving up his voice for a month, he gained back his and Roxas' hearts.


Omg I forgot this account existed.

I miss Rox-mun //sobs

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ok so i found this app on my ipad with kawaii faces

and i

am not even slightly sorry

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wow ash never goes on this does she??

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I should sleeeppppp

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That's what friends do. Talk to each other. Or was what you said all lies.

“Oh wow. I aint talkin’ ‘bout this with ya.”

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“H-Huh…?” The blonde blinked when the flames suddenly vanished around them, though he was glad that they had. It was only on closer inspection that he saw Axel had passed out. Warily stepping close, Demyx muttered the counter curse “Finite,” releasing Axel from his full body-bind. 

It was around an hour, an hour that Axel had been out cold, before his eyes finally cracked open. The redhead groaned quietly, before sitting up holding his head with one of his hands, fingers tangled in the red spikes.

Demyx jumped back slightly on instinct as he saw the redhead’s eyes begin to flicker open. He did not know why, but for some reason the young blonde had found himself unable to leave the other alone while unconscious, even if he had tried to attack him with fire. However, Demyx was not the strongest person his age either, so he was also unable to move Axel somewhere he could get help, not that he would be able to anyway with his lack of knowledge of the town.

The redhead stared, dark eyed, at the so-called ‘wizard’.

"… ‘M sorry…" He muttered, “‘M real sorry… I don’t know what came over m’…" He cursed himself inwardly, slowly beginning to stand up, and stumbling a little.

"… I won’t hurt ya, pr’mise…"

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I thought you three were all friends. But you just left her. Have you even tried to talk to her?


"Why should I try an’ talk t’ her? She has her own life, an’ m’ an’ Rox have our own."

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If you didn't abandon her, then why don't you know where she is? Some friend you are.


“I aint seen Xion in years. I didn’t abandon n’body.”

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Valentines Attempt




His smile grew at the stolen kiss, blush never fading. If anything it darkened at his husband’s words, “I do not..” He whispered back, nose twitching gently. 

Leaning forward to kiss Axel’s nose, he smile more. “Let’d get back home then.” There was a playful grin on the blond’s lips as he reached for the basket and carefully stood up and made his way to the exit. 

Axel nodded, and got up, snatching up the blanket and quickly folding it as he walked, following Roxas closely.

“Who’re the twins with?” Axel asked idly as they walked down the steps, rummaging around in his pocket for his car keys. Finding them easily, he pulled them out, listening as they jingled, the noise echoing inside the wide staircase.

Roxas closed his eyes for a brief moment, listening to the echos of the keys in the staircase. “The neighbors from across the street. They heard baking cookies and were all over it.” He responded with a small laugh and shake of his head. 

Stepping out of the stairwell, he began walking to the car and waited by the door, waiting for his husband to unlock the doors and humming softly to himself. 

Axel listened intently, and kept close, unlocking the car quickly and tossing the blanket onto the back seat.

"Right… They both got a sweet tooth…" The redhead mumbled, getting into the driver’s seat and waiting until Roxas got in to start the car’s engine. It was rare a car was seen in Twilight Town, and actually using the road, so the rumbling of the engine did attract a few stares.

"S’ w’ goin’ home then?"

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Did you abandon her?


"N-n’, I didn’t abandon her."

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